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Roger Federer Designs and Wears his New Tennis Shoe by ON of Switzerland

With all eyes on Roger Federer as he made his comeback from injury at the 2021 Qatar Open in Doha, fans soon noticed something was different.

Roger’s return marked the debut of THE ROGER Pro – the first-ever On tennis shoe, developed by Roger with the On Lab.

Two years in the making, this one-of-a-kind competition shoe was the original technology inspiration for THE ROGER sneaker collection.

Creating a performance shoe for a new sport meant applying the On design approach in an entirely new way. But the philosophy and core principles stay the same.

 “Like with running, tennis is about energy and movement. When you optimize the sensation, you can enhance performance.”

– On Co-Founder and Innovation Leader Olivier Bernhard.

Like with other On shoes, THE ROGER Pro features a Speedboard® for enhanced energy return. Made from 100% carbon fiber, this explosive plate absorbs the impact from landing before returning it for added agility. This helps Roger set himself for the next shot faster.

The engineered mesh upper is breathable and abrasion-resistant for comfort and durability in long, high-intensity sets.

The heel is kept soft for comfort. It also gives Roger freedom of movement to reach shots he has no right to return.

Making the difference often means removing distractions. The shoe’s varied grip pattern and rubber compound were developed specifically to limit squeaking on hard courts.

The toe cap reinforcement not only provides protection when Roger slides to make a shot, but also sensory feedback about his body position.

Competitive play is a new testing phase for the first prototype of THE ROGER Pro. Feedback from Roger’s return to the tour will shape future versions of the shoe.

Right now, this one-of-a-kind model is made to work for Roger’s feet and game, so is not available for purchase. 

For more information visit: https://www.on-running.com/en-us/theroger/pro