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Tennis Legend Lleyton Hewitt Poem • As He Enters The Australian Hall Of Fame

Lleyton Hewitt. Photo credit: Naparazzi/Wikimedia Commons

By Christopher Chaffee
The daylight is quickly fading 
But before it starts disappearing
A fighter’s ultimate goal 
Remains strong 
Despite the obstacles of adversity 
That stand in front of him Lleyton focuses his attention 
To the challenge 
With intense eyes 
He sees a vision 
And holds onto the belief
In the distance of the journey  

He’s got pain in his hip 
And stiffness in his legs 
Aching muscles in both shoulder blades
But he continues to battle hard 
He breathes in his dreams 
And exhales out into the air hope
A sign that ignites a fire inside 
That inspires Lleyton’s warrior heart

He’s a fighter who refuses to quit 
Vowing to keep fighting no matter 
How many cuts he receives 
There’s no relief in until the job is done 
Win or lose Lleyton climbs forward to this goal 

In each and every round
We found a hero 
And discovered a champion 
Determination filled his veins  
And motivation pumps his bloodHe was a force on display 
Purely a miracle on his own 
Because he believes it to in his bones 

The sun sets
Bringing dusk with it I’d like to think at  night Lleyton hangs his head up high 
And whispers this to the stars 
In that silent Australian  sky “Where there is a will there is always a way through”
Perhaps Lleyton is best defined by very meaning of the word perseverance 
And the triumphant glory of his spirit
Shining and shimmering
Is the essence of his remarkable presence 
We remember what makes him unique 
The gifts he gives and the imprint of marks he leaves 
Forever a legend 
Who lives on from the moments
That turned into memories 
Saying those two powerful words, “Come On” 

Chris Chaffee Is A Guest Writer with an impressive tennis record. He’s written for us in the past and has more poems coming. Here’s his bio: 

Chris  Chaffee played tennis at Fryeburg Academy from 1999 – 2003 and was ranked alternately #1 and #2 in singles.  He was named MVP all 4 years and was  named All Conference Player for 3 consecutive years. He was ranked #1 Boys 18 and under player in the state of Maine in 2002. Chris went on to play tennis at the University of Southern Maine and won his singles flights in 2005, 2006, and 2007.  He was named LEC player of the week in 2004 and 2006.  He also contributed to USM winning the Little East Conference Titles in 2005, 2006, and 2007. Chris was the Head Tennis Pro at the Cranmore Fitness Center and Tennis Director at  Jackson Tennis Club. For 13 years Chris coached the Fryeburg Academy Varsity Girls tennis team and has been a tennis pro for the New England tennis holidays. He continues to play competitive tennis and hopes to inspire others with his drive and passion for the game. He is a USPTA certified pro who helps run a USTA development program called Advantage Kids Youth Tennis in the Mount Washington Valley