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Free Tennis Clinic In the Bronx • Aussie Legends Louise Pleming and Coach Mark Draper and Rising Star Rinky Hijikata • Rally4EVER

Rally4EVER is bringing tennis to the Bronx on Saturday–and you’re invited free of charge.

Head coach Louise Pleming will lead a Rally4EVER clinic in the Bronx at noon this Saturday, August 26th two days before the start of the US Open at the Butler Community Center located at 26 Bruckner Boulevard #5th, in the Bronx, N.Y.

The clinic will be conducted with Directions For Our Youth, a non-profit youth development organization that provides programming in underserved areas of NYC for young people enrolled in grades K-12.

Coach Louise is bringing a special player-coach to the Bronx. Aussie ATP standout Rinky Hijikata, who has faced Rafa Nadal on Arthur Ashe Stadium at the US Open, will be joining the RALLY4EVER clinic.

Here’s Rinky Hijikata
• A Global Ambassador for RALLY4EVER

Here’s Coach Louise Pleming surrounded by the kids at last year’s event in the Bronx.

Louise is always wearing her RALLY4EVER cap. This is a great program she started to help people hit tennis balls to help them thru rough mental health times.

They are growing fast all over Australia. Louise is an awesome commentator and one of the best friends tennis has ever had. Hence getting the “Gussy Moran humanitarian Award.”

Come on out. Have some fun in the Bronx. American star Asia Mohammad is participating as well. 

The RALLY4EVER team have rackets for the kids to use if needed. And it’s an experience they’ll never forget. And it’s FREE!