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Tennis Star Lt. Joseph Hunt Passing Remembered Today

A few words about Joe Hunt.

Lt. Joe Hunt the 1943 US Open Champion will never ever be forgotten.

The USTA named their Military Appreciation Day in his honor. The U.S. Naval Academy holds an annual Tourney in his name. The Academy also named a court after him and a scoreboard in his name. 

On this day in 1945, 10 miles off the Coast of Florida, tennis history was altered when Lt. Joe Hunt in service to his country lost his life. Here is how it was written by the New York Times.

We will never forget you Joe.

Editor’s Note • tonight we toast Joe, Tom , and the other war heroes who were true Patriots. They enlisted…

Joe paid the ultimate sacrifice. His USC buddy Tommy had better luck. But the reality is…• Joseph HunT was Possibly and Probably the best male tennis player America ever produced!