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Judy Murray and Mike Barrell – Helping Parents to Help the Kids – Join the Parent Pack Tennis Series

THE WEBINAR STARTS THIS SUNDAY – The Sports Parent Pack – Click on the link to sign up

Many tennis parents do not how to help their children while they are developing their tennis skills. Judy Murray is a great example of an excellent tennis parent that encouraged two great kids into top tennis players. 

As a parent we should try to learn the answers before our the kids start asking. 

Judy Murray – Coach and tennis parent!

The “Sports Parent Pack” provides six weekly sessions with discussion and information to help parents help their kids.  Lots of chances to ask questions and interact and great for tennis coaches too. 

According to Judy Murray and Mike Barrell,

“In our first six webinar series we will be discussing…”

  1. Developing warrior behaviors: Understanding the role of sport in personal development

2. The training recipe: How much, how often and what?

3. Understanding growth and development: The milestones and bumps in the road

4. What to look for in programs: Purpose, Value and Content

5. Getting what you need from coaches: The role of the coach at different ages and stages

6. Competition: Understanding the role of competition and how to support your child through the highs and lows

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Judy Murray and Mike Barrell
Judy and Mike’s Parent Pack – Tennis Series One