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Tsispas • Tell Us You’re Russian without telling Us • or Australian, or Dutch, or American, Or…

In checking out social media we saw a great photo of Stefanos Tsitsipas enjoying toast with caviar on it.  At first, we were thinking. Isn’t he Greek? Yes, but his Mama is Russian. Yum.

It got us thinking what a great game to play.  Tell us where you are from by What you eat on toast?

• Vegemite. That’s easy. You are Australian. The Aussies love it. And so do we. It has to be spread thinly. Most people when tasting it put gobs of it on. Wrong. It’s awesome on lightly toasted, lightly buttered toast with a thin coating of vegemite. Yummy.

• Ok. On to Avocado toast. That’s a good one. Everyone seems to enjoy a smooshed avocado or guacamole on again lightly toasted bread.

• Beans on toast. Again easy. The United Kingdom. They like their marmite as well which is similar to Vegemite. (But made with beef) both loaded with vitamin B. (not sure about the Bovril?) • And in the UK  they are also fond of  Orange marmalade on toast.

• Grape jelly.  Easy American.

• Peanut butter and jelly. Again Americans.

• Peanut butter. Dutch.

• Our favorite. It’s a tie between The caviar or the Nutella. Both go so well with champagne.

• Nutella. The world!

• Please let us know more…

We welcome to hear about whatever you put on your toast…