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Editor’s note: 10sBalls thanks Noah Rubin for giving us permission to repost these great stories.

“At around 14 years old, an important moment for my growth, I needed a lot of affection and love. The people close to me only saw Martina “the tennis player”, and not the girl who was growing up with her own needs. I think this made me who I am today. I am different from others because of my sensitivity.  I am a very sensitive person and really enjoy listening to people. I am not afraid of failure. I wake up every morning and do my best. I am always learning new things to improve as a woman and an athlete. If I do not succeed, I have no regrets because I give my full effort.

I’m learning to not be impacted by judgment of others, but to care about what I think first. I am walking a path for myself, to improve myself and become a better person. I am working hard and this is the most important thing. I accept that you can fail, but I always o leave the next morning with my head held high. You have to follow your own path because everyone has their own.

Tennis changed my life. There have been many positive moments but also many negative moments. Both of these experiences have helped me grow. I always try to see the positives. After a big win, I enjoy the moment and appreciate the instant emotions, the ones that will never return in the same way. There will always be criticism and pressure. I try to work on myself and create my own routine that I can turn to in any situation. My most painful experience off the court was feeling alone during a very difficult moment in my life. I had many people around me but I had never felt so alone. Nobody saw me even though I was there in front of them. Off the court, I try not to think about work. My boyfriend and niece help me relax and recharge my batteries. It is very important for each of us to feel loved.”

Martina Trevisan (@martitrevi)


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