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“For a long time, I did not give 100% so I would have an excuse when I did not fulfill my dreams. I realized I was scared to fail. I had to accept this fear and mature to find my way. It took me a long time to encourage myself. My girlfriend and coach were very important during this time. In 2019, I decided to fully commit to my dreams and prepared for the season like never before. I trained hard and with maturity. But I had bad results and questioned my path. I felt like tennis was leaving me. Without results, the bank account turns red. Years go by, you endure more blows and patience runs out. At 27 years old, I thought it might be time to end my career. I decided to give myself one last chance and played the Savannah challenger. I did not have any expectations and won the tournament. After nine years on tour, I captured my first challenger title.

I have dealt with pressure my whole life. I began competing at age 12 when my brother Guillermo was ranked 3 in the world. Wherever I played, people came to see Guillermo’s younger brother. The pressure made me lower my head and stare at the ground. Now I still feel pressure but accept the feeling. Pressure is necessary because it makes me feel alive. Fear is the best and worst emotion. Without fear, I would have no passion and it would be impossible to compete. Both tennis and life are about getting through tough times to prepare for good times. Something gave me internal strength to continue at critical moments in my career. Now I can fulfill my dreams.”

Federico Coria (@fedecoria)


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