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Alex Olmedo Peruvian Tennis Star • More Miscellaneous Memories

Alex “The Chief” passed away last year. He won Wimbledon in 1953. Roger Federer asked him “you only won it once?”. True story. After Alex who coached all of Hollywood and the elite in Beverly Hills Hotel retired, he still gave lessons at his home court in Encino California. Jon Lovitz was there daily. Alex had the flattest and smoothest strokes anyone ever saw. So here’s another pink signed ball. A racket. And The Chief and two lady friends.

This was what was called a department store racket. Made for the masses. But always great starter rackets.

Here’s a close-up of the ball.

This photo was taken in 1994 at an ATP dinner. From the left is Sigrid, Alex and Phebes. The evening was great fun. We played with The Chief many times. Geezer’s first big tennis job was as Alex’s assistant on Saturdays. Well sort of. It was his day off. So it was Geez and his Bro David. Yes, daughter Amy Olmedo we’ll send you more treasures. 

Compiled by Lovey Jergens.