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Travel Day(s) • Singapore, Dubai, Nur-Sultan • Sven Tennis

Today we will have a long day (2) adventure!

We say goodbye to Singapore and of course, they love me here in Singapore… I❤️SG made for me or is It for I love Singapore?

We left with 32 Celsius / 90 Fahrenheit and will be going to -26 Celsius / -14 Fahrenheit.

Our travels will be through Dubai with a layover of 20 hours.

Lunch warnings “No Puffing”, “No BioHazards.”

Taro and I found a good solution since we arrived at midnight in Dubai we could get in our personal capsule/pod and get some sleep 🛌 in our cabin. Not good for ones who are claustrophobic.

I will send another update on arrival in Nur-Sultan.

Sven Groeneveld