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Singapore ATP 250 • Day 4 • Happy Chinese New Year!

Lobby time and Happy Chinese New Year! During the pandemic, the Singaporeans are encouraged to stay in hotels for the weekend! #Stayvacation here at #PanPacificSingapore they also have their activation!

Novice Driver, never have I seen it spelled out! In Singapore they do!

The site is getting more and more structured as the qualifying has started the refreshment station is activated!

This was not possible the past days but from today we can be outside and use this are for warmups and prep for the practice session.

Courts are fully booked and today 50 min slots as the 10 min cleaning/sanitation is being done!

My @toalson_official bag full of goodies always by my side!

Lobby Art while waiting for my 4th test at the hotel (daily at 7pm)

Always a pleasant welcome, the negative status of every PCR test taken.

The draw came out and Taro will play Ramanathan. We will find out the schedule tomorrow.

Good day for Japanese Tennis, Congrats to Naomi Osaka!

Sven Groeneveld