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Practice Session and Crowds At Melbourne Park! Day 27 from the Australian Open

By Sven Groeneveld

Indoor practice session again today at the NTC where many players do their prep for the next event or just want to have some quality practice with their coach.

Today this picture was taken by Arantxa Rus of her coach Julian Alonso and myself! The picture was made for a mutual friend of ours! High-Performance Coach Kyle LaCroix.

As Taro and his fellow countryman, Uchiyama, still have a chance to get into the doubles as an alternate we had a long day on site waiting for a miracle.

While waiting we had to go to court 17 to watch Ymer vs Alcaraz, both young guns that really had a good battle! But this court now reminds me more of a court in the Bronx than at Melbourne Park.

Also, it is so good to see the crowds coming back to tennis! We are all so privileged to be here. Regardless of all of the obstacles, we had to face it has been a miracle for all of us to bet here!

Sven Groeneveld