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A Long Practice Day and Monday’s Schedule, Day 22 of Sven Groeneveld’s Tennis Diary From Melbourne Park

By Sven Groeneveld

Long day today as I started with an Instagram live session with Kai Gerber of coaching the coaches at 6:30 am. We will have a coaches conference in Germany on April 24/25 in Cologne.


Since we had a day off yesterday we planned a longer day today and got lucky with an hour indoors because it was raining during that hour. After we moved outdoors and had to dry the courts, but within 20 minutes the court was ready to play. I was caught on camera heading to the court.

The afternoon session was at Albert Reserve which is one of the allocated practice locations. The courts are playing fast this year but especially compared to the match courts! On Saturday we always wait for the announcements for which half of the players are playing and when. Taro will play on Monday.

Not much later that evening, after dinner we already received the order of play for Monday.

3rd match on court 15 (we will have our practice Sunday on match court 13 which always helps to get ready for tomorrow’s match because the match courts play very similar).

After our day of work, I took another walk around the city as I still am getting used to building up strength and needing the fresh air after the 15 day Hard Lockdown experience.

Anybody who has never been to Melbourne should make their way to this beautiful location! (Once we all get out of this pandemic. We are so privileged to be here and moments like these give extra meaning to it).

Sven Groeneveld