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Sven Tennis • Day 13 • Hard Lockdown at Australian Open • Teamwork Makes The Dream Work!

By Sven Groeneveld

Finally after having had to wait since Monday for the trainer to arrive • but better late then never! Thank you @TopSpinPro and @orangecoach for your help! Let’s get this bad boy unpacked!

Let me just say that after having done my 1.5 hour bike and my #Friendlyeyes mediation session I have been on the phone.

Tennis Australia Call 2:00

Tennis Australia 18:45 call

The fact is that we have had 2 calls so far with some bad news that basically keeps us in lockdown for 14 days plus 12 hours. We had thought we could come out earlier since tennis Australia was clear in their message that this would be the care but as we have found out multiple times we are not in the hands of Tennis Austria but in the hands of Health Australia.

Fact check •

Players on the flight from Doha will not have played for 17 days since their last match on the 13th of January. So when they are released it will be the 31st of January when they will hit their first ball and then are set to play their first match 2 days later on Tuesday.

Now, don’t forget most of these players also had more then 20 test and more then 20 days in quarantine in 2020. Emotions stack up for all us and we have been tested 3 times in Doha and here we will have been tested 14 times so almost the same amount of tests in 2 weeks compared to 3 months.

We can not imagine what the Melbourne community must have gone through all of these months and we only want to say thank you for all of the work that has been done to make this summer of tennis happen in Melbourne. We must take our lessons from all of this and make a report in order to improve the transparency, communication and education.

19:30 Tennis Australia call

Latest status report is that we are now potentially being released before midnight on Saturday. This means we can get on court on Sunday for our first hit. So I made sure I got the courts for the Sunday and the Monday lined up ! 

Taro’s Practice Schedule


Carlos A.

12:00- 13:00 Rod Laver

Vasek 15:00 – 16:30 court 11


Botic 11:00-12:30 crt 18 ntc

Kimmer 15:00-16:30 crt 11

20:30 ATP Call

After all the call we did attend another call with the entire ATP executive staff, players and players support team to lead into the Australian summer and discuss the road ahead. Many good things are coming our way and we are working hard to deliver a better and stronger product. That is the message we should be focusing on! What can we take action on and look ahead and adapt!

We are all in it together! Team Work Makes The Dream Work.