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Sven Tennis • Day 12 • Taro’s Lockdown Birthday In Melbourne

By Sven Groeneveld

I have to start with a Happy Birthday shout-out to Taro. He will never forget his 28th that is for sure!

Club house talk today with Christopher Kas https://instagram.com/chr1skas?igshid=175meaazhps3b on the Clubhouse app. We were joined by one of my former pupils Nicolas Kiefer (in German).

Building a routine and getting onto my bike at 12 pm each day is a blessing! Tennis Australia really doing a great job of keeping us mentally and physically fit.

Of course, it does not help when you get a thank you package with all these goodies 🙂 however, my coffee was tasting even better 🙂

As we are in the home stretch and we have the end of our lockdown in our sight it’s very much appreciated to read the message of our hotel @pullmanalbertpark https://instagram.com/pullmanalbertpark?igshid=91kqkd3i7c4l They really have done an incredible job and really want to thank them for having us here! I am sure they must be suffering as much as all of the tourist and big events are not in the city!

Somebody asked how My coffee stash is doing! Well, it’s still plenty for the next 3 days! But can’t wait for a really good espresso at this place Dukes Coffee Roasters https://instagram.com/dukes_coffee?igshid=18tipgysk4zla

Happy to see Tennis Australia taking the extra precautions to protect the people of Australia and keep a clear mask policy!

3 more nights

Sven Groeneveld