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Sven Tennis • Day 9 • Hard Lockdown at the Australian Open • Meditation, Spin Class and the Power Shot Maker

By Sven Groeneveld

Last night I started my new course which runs for 3 months and has a commitment of a daily session with www.friendleyes.com with #JackieReardon this is a free course (or donate what you can) to experience meditation.

I am a beginner and will need all the help I can get so I use pillows underneath my knees and sit comfortably with my back against the wall and start my meditation!

Laughing so hard from the @10sballs_com team who have been so creative and making me look great with helping me to get my daily story out to the tennis community!

@tennisAustralia offering our daily dose of spinning! The before and after is classic! Great support from the Team! Team Work makes the Dream Work

Check out my video for the other room work out with the Toalson #PowerShotMaker for accuracy and resistance. https://m.facebook.com/ToalsonUSA/posts/2838547029524168

My tweet of the day.

As always I have to finish my day strong! This was the gift I received today!

Sven Groeneveld