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Sven Tennis • Day 5 (Part 2) of Melbourne Hard Lockdown • Sven Groenenfeld, Zoom Calls, and Workout!

By Sven Groeneveld

Crazy day. I thought I could actually take a little nap but no instead I got a call from the medical staff checking in on me and my details!

As it turned out, my name and birthday were still wrong in the system (just like on my flight).

They said they would fix it. So instead I ended up catching up with some coaches instead.

Our first zoom call was at 2 pm as a daily catch up which is great because we get the latest updates and information on the status of our lockdown. By the way, after the zoom call my computer crashed!

Also was working on the site and now have integrated the video where we present the “Tennis Wall University”, come and check it out!


After the zoom call of today, I decided to get on my bike and have a good workout and a good sweat!

I had a very long day but a very great day today! Again the stay is made so much easier by having good WiFi and my Aussie SIM card and with the bike in place. I will be ready once this lockdown has come to an end!

Sven Groeneveld