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Sven Tennis • Part 2 • Day 3 of Hard Lockdown in Melbourne

By Sven Groeneveld

Some product placement to follow up from earlier this morning.

My mother always says “Wie wat bewaart heeft wat” my entire gym I took with me on this trip has things I kept over time. It means “He who saves something has something” this one is from https://shop.blackroll.com/collections/balls-twister/products/blackroll-twister?variant=51411256836 stimulation for the feet!

My music for the next two weeks is @Spotify maybe I should make my playlist and my speaker @braven https://www.amazon.com.au/Braven-Portable-Wireless-Bluetooth-Waterproof/dp/B00NSYEWE0

2nd test has been done at 9:50 AM this morning.

An hour later we received an email from Tennis Australia Craig Tiley for an update for those in hard lockdown!

At 11:37 they knocked on my door, the same guy as before from the test and he tells me I am here for the test! I told him we just did one about 1.5 hours ago. He realized and was shocked and did not know what to say other than to ask for my name. Hopefully, these types of human errors are not going to be standard. (This time I also did not get a confirmation for the test on my phone) long story short everybody is working hard behind the scenes and giving it their all!

Lunch came early today.

Zoom at 2 pm local time! About 50 players +Team members were there. Craig and his team wanted to let us know about our status testing and equipment for our room. Making progress!

After the zoom, I cleared my room and had my workout on the Wall/Mattress this is also part of the collaboration with Frits Don for The Tennis Wall University www.TennisWallUniversity.com

Turns out we had another zoom but I never had an invite but luckily Taro send me the link and we were in the cell again but this time with more then 500 participants.

Let me just say this! We must work together in order to make Tennis Australia overcome all of their challenges. They are raising their level every day and doing everything in their power to manage all of the expectations. Not only from our group of players and their team but also the media and the entire Australian population. Australia has given me so much joy these past 31 years coaching players in singles to 2 victories, 3 finals, 1 semi-final, 1 mixed doubles final, a wheelchair singles victory, and a junior boys victory!

Sven Groeneveld