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Sven Tennis • Day 14 or Day 3 of Hard Lockdown in Melbourne

By Sven Groeneveld

Another 4 hour night sleep after receiving the bad news last night and a zoom call with Tennis Australia. They are really doing everything to get us through this.

Breakfast served at 7:00 am, I love the variety but I had to get rid of the croissants.

So on Saturday when we thought we would have two weeks of prep for AO, I decided to order some essentials from Coles (the local grocery store, one of only two we are allowed to choose from)! See the video below.

It was delivered at 8 am.

Unpacked my @Starbucks first obviously.

Tip number 1 Hydration number 1 priority during Hard Lockdown.

Ready for the Day

Sven Groeneveld