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Sven Tennis • Day 12/13 • Not The Start We All Wanted

By Sven Groeneveld

Arrival and first night’s sleep went well! However, the news of 3 separate planes having positive cases with 2 of them in Melbourne and 1 in Adelaide… we are not starting our Tour down under 2021 the way we all wanted.

So Craig Tiley and his entire team have again had to transition into their new situation and it’s ongoing. With now the players and team members of the two flights into Melbourne being in full 2-week quarantine, and with the flight of Adelaide not having any consequences at this moment.

So the zoom call that was meant to be a welcome zoom call was moved 1 hour later and was more an informative zoom call with more than 500 people joining in.

Had my dinner delivered around 6:30 pm

Ready for the Aussie sun!

When you get tested they ask you to move your chair into the door opening. Two medical officers visited me at around 3 pm. Very kind and very professional and no pain! Now awaiting our results and hope our flight will have zero positives!

This was an update sent around midnight and it meant we will have to stay in our room all day today the 17th of January.

So I decided to order some grocery’s from Coles 🙂 water and vitamins!

Nice view with the hot air balloons starting their flight on Sunday morning.

Breakfast served early today around 7 am!

Today will be a long day and I am sure some type of workout!

Will update again later today!