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Sven Tennis • Day 10 • Recovery and Travel Day

By Sven Groeneveld

Our recovery preparation and travel day.

My day started with a little video message of thanks to the people of Qatar Tennis Federation and Tennis Australia for hosting us!

On the balcony enjoying a little coffee.

Extending my vitamin D for my body and soul with a little sun and a second cup!

After packing my bag early, so I did not have this on my mind in addition to all the paperwork that had to be done today!

We had plenty of work today but the one who really has worked the most is players liaison Andre SA. Great player in his days but more importantly an incredible person! He has made it so much easier for all of us! We can’t thank Tennis Australia enough for giving us Andre here in Doha.

Below a small part of our paperwork QR code’s ID numbers, visa and PCR test! The extent of the preparations are by far the most challenging logistically! Hats of to the entire Tennis Australia staff!

My Wake up call is in 5 hours prior to the departure from the hotel to the airport! So I am calling it a night here in Doha Qatar! Tomorrow the blog will be sent from Melbourne!

Sven Groeneveld