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Sven Groeneveld • Day 5 • Draw Day at the Australian Open Tennis in Doha

By Sven Groeneveld

The day when the draw will be made! We will have one more practice session today and wait for the verdict on who Taro will play and when. Half of the draw will play on the 10th and the other half on the 11th.

Being stuck at the hotel is not bad as the building now has been cleaned and my morning starts with a coffee on the balcony with the sun rising early and with a temperature of 68/20 degrees F/C.

The Physio’s and Massage therapist will be on-site for the first time today. Most players travel with their own rollers and massage guns to keep loose and recover to prevent injury but as soon as the tournament starts, you must have the medical team in place!

The 55 min sessions are imposed to have a cleaning crew prepare for the new practice sessions however until now we have not seen any court being cleaned! However, I must add that in general players and their teams have improved in cleaning up after themselves since this Pandemic!

The spaces for the lounge are massive and plenty of space with every table provided with tissues and hand sanitizer!

Match Courts are being cleaned so when we had our practice session at 10am it was still wet. We were moved to center court (which will not be used and due to the sand on it also a lot faster).

Match courts are well prepared and totally on the look and feel of the AO colors!

Massage therapy and treatment room as been added to the services today! Bookings are done by phone!

After being here since the 6th Testing again tomorrow (every 4 days )!
The draw will be made at 3pm and I am sure a schedule will come right after!

ATP player meeting will take place today at 6:30pm at the hotel!
The draw came out around 4:15pm local time!
Taro will play the first match tomorrow 10:30am local time on court one against Roberto Cid Subervi.