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Alex Olmedo

Alex “The Chief” Olmedo

By Sigrid Draper

Everyone called Alex the CHIEF.  There was one person who he called the Chief… he was Alex’s Chief, it was Judge Robert J. Kelleher.  

The Judge and I spent meaningful occasions with Alex.  There was more to Alex than just tennis.

He was all the things that are now attributed to him but there was a private side that he shared with very few.  

I remember him at his son’s wedding.  He was a very proud father, he was a devoted family man to Angela and Amy.  He delighted in their accomplishments, especially the grandchildren he was blessed with.

He was a true friend in times of need.  When Pancho Gonzalez was battling cancer the Judge and I invited him and Segura to join us for dinner.  They both came.  A sad Gonzales became a transformed individual as the three friends re-lived every moment of their careers.  There was laughter, there was joy and camaraderie that nowadays is hard to find. That night, in the wee hours, Alex drove the hundred plus miles to feed and be with his beloved dog.  Gonzalez passed away shortly thereafter.

One of his greatest joys was when Judge Kelleher swore him in as a U.S. citizen!

Judge Robert J Kelleher

When I wrote Linda Ralston to tell her that Alex had also passed away from a brain tumor, as Dennis Ralston had within a few weeks of each other, she expressed how much they liked each other and shared a special friendship.

There are so many memories of Alex that come to mind for all of us that are going to miss his presence but, I find comfort in the privilege of having known him.

What a welcome he must have received on the other side.  All his friends were there… Gonzales, Segura, Ralston, Kramer, Gene Scott, and of course the man, he always called, HIS JUDGE, Robert J. Kelleher!

Wimbledon Champ Alex Olmedo