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SOLINCO Introduces Hyper-G SOFT Line Of Strings

SOLINCO’s Hyper-G SOFT give’s players a more comfortable plush feeling, while maintaining performance and control.

SOLINCO is launching its newest string in its line of co-polyester performance products – Hyper-G SOFT!  The string will be available in 16, 16L, 17 and 18g in both sets (12m)and reels (200m).  Hyper-G SOFT will sell at $11.99 / set and $159.99 / reel.  The string launches on the back of the success of one of SOLINCO’s flagship strings, Hyper-G.  The Hyper-G SOFT was developed to give players a more comfortable and plush feeling string option, while maintaining the performance characteristics of Hyper-G such as spin, control and tension maintenance, that have made it so popular from recreational players all the way to some of the very best pro players on Tour. 

The string is now available online and many local retailers!