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To All The Tennis Mothers – HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY

By Francisco Resendiz

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there specially the tennis mothers!

Spirit of every woman Award winner – Judy Murray

We realize that it is Mother’s Day in different parts of the world from– Mexico to Brunei to the Bahamas and the USA ! Hope you all celebrate Mother’s Day  to the best of your abilities! By the way In the UK Mother’s Day this year was celebrated in March .

Happy Mother’s Day to Judy Murray – a great tennis mother. She has raised two great champions, a fantastic coach, a recognized “Great Woman in Sport”, a very charitable person and has started two great endeavors.

1) Learn more about the Judy Murray Foundation  – https://judymurrayfoundation.com/press-room/

The Judy Murray Foundation will create tennis and other sporting projects in every community that wants them.

Judy Murray Foundation

2) Miss Hits – https://miss-hits.co.uk/

Judy Murray established this program to help encourage young girls play tennis. If you are a tennis coach or a parent you must check it out – Miss Hits really helps young girls raise their confidence and they develop great athletic skills

Judy Murray – Teaching Instructions at Miss Hits

We do know that Mother’s Day was celebrated on Sunday, March 22nd, 2020 but we are firm believers that you should celebrate Mother’s Day all over the world. Thanks to the company Price of Bath you can purchase personalized tennis balls. We really enjoyed the Mother’s Day collection. They have been manufacturing tennis balls since 1936! The personalized tennis ball make great gifts – they literally make them in every color!

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