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Photo courtesy of SOLINCO

SOLINCO has announced the release of its highly anticipated co-polyester tennis string, CONFIDENTIAL.  Having been initially developed specifically for top touring professionals, it is finally coming to market and available for all players to experience.  This string features SOLINCO’s signature blend of spin, power and control with added playability.  CONFIDENTIAL will be available in 16, 16L, 17 & 18 gauges in both 12 meter individual sets and 200 meter reels. 

Numerous top 100 ATP and WTA professionals have chosen CONFIDENTIAL as their string of choice, and has already been used to win a singles Grand Slam championship. Confidential will be available in all major tennis retailers worldwide.

“We are very excited to finally launch CONFIDENTIAL, the newest string in our product line,” said KT Kim, Director of SOLINCO.  “The evolution of this string is quite unique for us, as we had not originally planned to add this co-polyester string to our product line.  However, as more players heard and tested the string, a strong interest and demand for the product grew and we ultimately realized that we needed to make this available for everyone to try.”


SOLINCO is a leading tennis equipment brand distributed worldwide.  SOLINCO has achieved world-class recognition for developing high performance tennis equipment used by top ATP and WTA professionals, as well as collegiate and junior champions.  For more information visit: 

www.solincosports.comwww.facebook.com/SOLINCO |
www.twitter.com/SOLINCOsports | www.instagram.com/SOLINCO

Editors Note • Solinco strings and 10sBalls have enjoyed a ten year working relationship. We have grown together this past decade. We get our supply of string next week… can’t wait. We will always love the GREEN of the “HYPER G”. All of our testers tell us what gauges you want to try… you know who you are…  I know I’m trying the 18.


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