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10sBalls Loves Fila Tennis Clothes • Look At These “Kits” From Instagram

FILA tennis via Instagram:

Join us in taking a look back at a few of our favorite kits from the 2019 FILA Tennis lineup🤩

Sneak peek of @wtafinals collection coming soon 👀🔥


FILA tennis clothes are the BEST! The best fabrics and styling and quality. There’s nothing in their league. No, they don’t send us free clothes…. “MARTY aka Mr. FILA” did back in the day. But that’s a lifetime or two ago.
We are sharing this with you because we really loved all this year’s clothes. Ok. We love everything they make. We always have.
 The orange shoes are so comfy. I wish they make it in tennis ball yellow for 2020.
We are all thrilled that Kim Clijsters will be making her comeback in 2020 of course wearing FILA. She may even have a FILA tattoo… (LJ)

Link to FILA website: https://www.fila.com/plrolando4

You can also follow FILA on the links below:

Facebook | FILA USA

Twitter | @FilaTennis

Instagram | @filatennis

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