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Dave Miley // ITF Presidential Candidate 


Read Dave Miley’s latest post on his site: https://davemileytennis.com/2019/08/12/heading-back-to-london-after-a-wonderful-18-days-in-latin-america/

DOWNLOAD AND READ DAVE MILEY’S MANIFESTO – ITF Presidential Candidate Manifesto 

10sBalls.com supports Dave Miley for the ITF presidency. Here are a couple of the reasons why Dave Miley knows tennis. Follow him via Facebook and read his presidential manifesto to know more about his ideas and thought process.

Dave Miley Facebook 

Dave Miley Manifesto 

  • ITF Director of Development [1997-2015]
  • Chair, ITF Into to Tennis Taskforce [2002-2015]
  • Chair, ITF Coach Education Taskforce [2006-2012]
  • Developed and launched 1st global tennis ratings system [2003]
  • Tennis Industry Association board member 2007-2015
  • Author of seven coaching books

You can also read more about Dave Miley at ::: TOGETHER FOR TENNIS

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