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Wimbledon Middle Sunday • No Play • watch FIFA! World Cup • Big Match Belgium versus France

Juan Martin Del Potro from Argentina during his third round match against Benoit Paire of France during the Wimbledon Championships at the All England Lawn Tennis Club, in London, Britain, 07 July 2018. EPA-EFE/NEIL HALL



By Francisco Resendiz


The streets of London will be empty. There won’t be a cabbie on the street. Maybe not even any traffic within the city of LONDON. A few Ubers here and there. You get it.


Where will team 10sBalls watch from? Hard call. Everyone knows we are close to both sides. Leaning more towards oh we can’t say. (Leo this one’s for your Kim.) We think we are going to watch with the Polish/South Africans we think.


The team From 10sBalls spent a great night during the last match-up at The Dog & The Fox. We love it. Boy, has that place grown, and the remodel is great. Inside was so loud. I posted that night from outside the pub.


If there’s time beforehand we will squeeze in Hyde Park for a third time this visit.


It’s such a beautiful and huge place to walk around that you don’t even mind getting lost for a bit since there’s nature all around. What we found great about it was walking at the park after tennis, so it would be pretty late, but there was still light out.


The Mastaba art installation at Hyde Park in London, Great Britain.

Our favorite thing to check out at Hyde Park is this huge art installation at the Serpentine Lake. We heard it’s called “The Mastaba”. It’s in a form of a pyramid, but we’re not sure what it’s made out of. A real spectacle.


Even walking to the art installation is great. You see a bunch of swan along the lake and tourists trying to get a selfie with them.



Editors note: I called the Gulbis match in my last story. He beat Zverev in 5 sets.


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