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Tidbits Of Tennis • Wimbledon Opening Day • Seeds Drop • ATP | WTA Stars Rise

By Francisco Resendiz


The weather is absolutely picture perfect. Perfect. Not typical of all opening days of The Championships past. Sunny and a little breezy and heating up.


The grass is still a little slippery in parts. Being so new and fresh. Venus… Took a fall. As did Coco. Coco’s was terrible. She was so close to the wooden net post – stopped her fall with her left hand.


We are seeing nee logos on the players clothes. Roger Federer minus a Nike “swoosh”. No RF on his clothes ? Instead we see Uniqlo. Got to wonder who will buy his sleeves for patch deals. I’m thinking MERCEDES and ROLEX.


Some seeds holding… Not Sloane Stephens who was seeded 4th or Grigor Dimitrov seeded 6th who went out to a very very happy “Stan the man” Wawrinka. So weird that two former ATP world number threes played each other in the first round. It was a finals. A semis. A quarters. A great match. Stan’s GF Donna had won earlier in the day.


Serena was awesome. Her clothes were barely “Swoooshed “. What’s up with Nike and tennis ? She had a tiny Nike swoosh on her shirt. That’s it.


Biggest surprise. Is the WEATHER. I can’t remember a first day like this. Never. Ever. It is really warm today. It’s at least a two pitcher Pimms day or at least 3 Stella’s beers day.


Tiebreaks • we’ve seen lots of great ones today. We forget that tennis is not a game of perfection but a game of inches


The exception is of course. The great one, the G.O.A.T. A beautiful exhibition of flowing. Glowing. Smooth. Rhythmic. Tennis. Roger makes it look easy he brings people back to tennis. To watch and to play. To make old biddies like PB and Irene happy. We want to imitate the maestro. Never miss a moment of his performance even a hacker like me. Brilliance is brilliance. Go Roger.


Editors note: ok. It’s been a spin of a day. A blur. But for real. Seeing R.F. not in Nike looked like he lost his luggage and a sponsor lent him some clothes (a kit). Headband was nice. But the Logo misplaced. And he had his swoosh shoes… Just saying (LJ)

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