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By Francisco Resendiz


We were there as the club was getting the finished touches ten odd days ago. We can’t tell you how totally amazing the transformation of a beauty of an old club (a hundred plus years old) transforms into a modern marvel of great tennis viewing and hospitality.


Today we witnessed a fabulous final. The club was packed every day all week. The new sponsors had to be thrilled. Yes , some ️Big names pulled out but the field was so deep it hardly mattered. Andy Murray gave a great crowd pleasing comeback effort. His buddy Nick Krygios took him out and then Kyle Edmonds. Gosh, Nick is fun to watch play on grass – he is just a big kid himself and mercurial. Such a talent. We loved the weather the food. The drinks. Gin and Fever – Tree is the best. As Fever – Tree says if 3/4 of the drink is mixer it might as well be the best.


Thanks all of our BRITISH team and friends. Thanks Charlotte even though we barely saw you. And David and each Chris , and Roger, Fraser (@Head concierge) and April.


See you all next year lets get that ATP Tourney Of the year trophy back!


And let’s order more tourney towels. They were sold out by Thursday again at 40 pounds sterling each.


Stephen Farrow. You were amazing as always. And what in like ten days the members will be back on the worlds finest grass courts? Bravo! Take a bow!

P.S.: This was the FEVER-TREE BABOLAT stringing team. They have the hardest most back breaking job | hand tearing job there. Each players has their own specifications and per day or match may vary • luckily weather stayed constant so not too many changes in  string tension – but still 10-12 days of STRINGING a minimum of 22 hours a day each guy. Yes, Chris is hiding in back. Not sure why. He is fit! They are first to arrive and amongst the last to leave daily! We applaud you all.

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