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Fever-Tree Tennis At The Queen Club • Buy Tickets • Best Draw Ever • London Grass

Photo by @QueensTennis via Twitter



BY Francisco Resendiz


Ok. The clay is finally almost over. Call it red or orange (Sven) or whatever color you want. I call it DIRTY. I feel like sand from the beach. It’s in everything of mine.


Roland Garros was awesome. It’s really an amazing event. Everyone showed as promised.. Well.. All except for “Cool Frog” who was the only no show twice now. WIMBLEDON?


Onto LONDON. Onto our all time favorite. Yes! The QUEENS Club. The new sponsor is FEVER-TREE. It’s the best drink mixer EVER. We have loved it for years. The ginger ALE, the tonic water, the cucumber tonic water… All healthy and refreshing.


What a great score for tourney director Stephen Farrow. He is a first rate guy, his love, passion, vision and dedication is unmatched in tennis.


You know, it hits me funny. Queens so deservedly kept winning the tourney of the year. Then it lost out to Acapulco. That’s so influenced by the Mexican tourism bureau. It’s a dangerous place. Gang activity all over the country.


So I gave it some thought and… Oh… It’s like the OSCARS, the best movie category should be a comedy and a drama. [2 separate categories] • Not put them up against each other… Well same for the Mexican event. It should be called the winner in the RESORT category?.. Think about that one.


We are arriving en masse. Yup, big group of 10sBalls staffers. Some for a week. Some for two weeks. And some for three weeks. Oh my gosh. Lots of pubs. Lots of fish and chips… Except for Al who always finds the burritos.


We also forgot to mention that the Queens Club had the finest GRASS in the world. Others are good or great. But theirs is “the best”. The setting is intimate. The draw is the strongest in history. Those pitchers of Pimm’s and that balcony are calling my name.




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