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Tennis 10sBalls Checks In From 2018 Australian Open • Tidbits From Lovey • GDay Craig Tiley • Please Wake-Up

Ken Rosewall writes notes annually to Roger Federer.


That’s really great. Or is it? Look deeper. The “suits” that run these tourneys.. yes, Craig Tiley you too… Tourney Directors seem obtuse to all of your living legends. All. Equality. For real I watched a lot of tennis in the mid sixties. Sure seemed like the guy with the smooth smooth smooth backhand was named Ken Rosewall. He was Rod Laver’s dubs partner…. Now. For real we adore Rod. We love the living legend. We love the Laver Cup. But to not give Ken Rosewall total access to the Site… The locker room…. The players lounge…. The players restaurants. Really.


We saw it at Wimby and it was shocking. We are in the players “Lawn” We are standing next to tennis friends, Tarango, Malisse, Gambill, and Wayne Arthurs is below on the walkway getting rained on. Because he can’t have access to player area. Really…


Suits wake up! These former players, coaches, writers, tennis “family” can’t gain access to players it’s sad. They add a lot to every tennis event. It brings in the life. The love. The passion. It proves In tennis “Love means nothing.”.. Does tennis not have a heart? A soul? A governing body? Common sense?


And I’ll tell a story from 10 odd years back when Pancho Segura was denied access to the Presidents area. At the U.S. Open… Why? Because he had no invite. His name wasn’t on a list and a girl at desk was either hired as part timer from nepotism, cronyism, or land of no common sense ism.


So since it’s the AUSTRALIAN Open 2018 we beg Craig Tiley to add some decent access to all former players and stars of their generations the same access Rod has. Now. ASAP.


They’ve all earned it. Rosewall can’t talk backhands with Roger. That’s really sad… ️Please Craig fix it today. We beg you. And Wayne Arthurs being left off Legends after years of dedication to Davis Cup… And a really great Lefty to watch play.. Again we say – Really?


Editors Note: Tennis past stars deserve “ALL ACCESS PASSES” for themselves plus one guest DAILY during the entire tourney.

Show some LOVE. Treat the real VIP’s like the LIVING LEGENDS they are! How many SLAMS did KEN ROSEWALL win? Double digits!

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