ATP Tour changes patch rules, will allow non-tennis betting gambling patches

Written by: on 9th January 2013
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ATP Tour changes patch rules, will allow non-tennis betting gambling patches  |

The ATP Tour has changed its rules regarding the number of patches that the players can wear in 2013 and will also now allow gambling advertising that does not involve betting sites.


In regards to shirts, sweaters or jacket s, there is, the new rule allows the commercial identification on each sleeve to increase in size up to 6 square inches. The new rule also allows one commercial identification, not to exceed 4 square inches, to be placed on the front of the shirt.


Previously, one commercial identification was allowed on each sleeve, which could not exceed 4 square inches


In regards to the ATP Premier/Platinum sponsor patch, an additional commercial identification patch may be placed on the back of the shirt, below the collar, if part of the ATP Premier/Platinum sponsor patch program. This program is optional and is in addition to any manufacturer identification on the back of the shirt.



For the two new commercial identification positions, there is a restriction: Once a player has competed in the first match of his first event with a commercial brand logo in either of those new positions, he may not change brands during that calendar year, unless approved by ATP. For example, if the contract for the commercial identification on the player’s cap expires in July and the player has another sponsor arranged, he must apply to the ATP for approval before he can accept the new offer.


Some players and agents may object to this, as sometimes at major tournaments when a lower ranked player without sponsors has a break through, he or she will be approached by companies during the tournament and be paid to wear a logo for the rest of the event.


Sometimes, different players will wear a variety of different patches during the year.


In another important development, players will now be allowed to wear commercial identification from gambling companies as long as that company does not offer any type of betting on tennis, in any form or manner. Examples would include poker sites, national lotteries and casinos (without a sports book offering tennis).


There are players who have deals with poker stars. companies including Rafael Nadal, who has big contract with Poker Stars.


In regards to manufacturer’s logos, there is no change to size or placement with the exception that if a commercial logo is placed on the front of the shirt then there can only be one manufacturer’s logo on the front or collar of the shirt.

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