John McEnroe Is A Popular TV Analyst

Written by: on 6th December 2012
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Kings of Tennis tournament in Sweden
John McEnroe Is A Popular TV Analyst

epa03143572 John McEnroe of USA returns the ball to Australia's Pat Cash during their match in ATP Champions tour tennis tournament Kings of Tennis at Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre in Sweden, 13 March 2012. EPA/SOREN ANDERSSON SWEDEN OUT  |

John McEnroe has been one of the world’s most popular TV analyst for 15 years, but when he first started on the job, he was pretty insecure about his talent level.


“At first people would come up to me and say, “Oh, you’re really good at this.” And somehow I would take that as a negative – what, you didn’t think I was going to be good?” he told the Daily Telegraph. “Part of why I was good on the court was because I could figure people out. Why wouldn’t you think I’d be good? And if they came out and said, “You’re better at commentating than tennis”, that would really piss me off. Now I would say that’s a really good thing. If they think I’m better at commentating than I was as a player, then I must be pretty darned good at commentating.’


McEnroe who has become a fixture on the senior tours, says fans now expect him to lose his temper. The part of his personality that earned him the nickname “Super Brat” has made him super popular.


“What I do find ironic is that after all this time, those things that people were saying I should get suspended for – if I don’t say them when they go to the Albert Hall they’ll be disappointed,” he said. “I was playing a tournament the other day, and people were screaming, “Are you kidding!” the second a line-call was made. Before I could even have said it myself, they were saying it!’


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